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Developing a Strategic HR Plan to Achieve Business Growth

Posted 06/11/21

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Have you ever felt like you knew exactly where you wanted your company to go but had no idea how to get there?

That is where Strategic HR Planning comes in.

If you are not sure what a Strategic HR plan even is, you have come to the right place.

Maybe you know what a strategic plan is but are unsure of where to start – AlignHR is here.

The process starts with People and Planning when developing a strategic plan to achieve desired business growth.

Slowing Down to Speed up the Process

Often small businesses and companies forgo annual review and the development of an HR plan because most days are fast and furious and there just isn’t enough time. It only catches a business owners’ eye when it’s too late. Developing a Strategic Plan centered around company goals and objectives operates as a business’s insurance policy and GPS, mapping out the road to future success. 

Company Aligning Business Plans with Chart

Aligning Your Strategic HR Plan to Your Company’s Strategic Plan

Your HR goals must be in alignment with your company goals. Where do you want to see your company going and how do you plan on getting there? Your human resources department and employees must understand your overall goals and work alongside to help you achieve the desired results. Without a company goal in mind, you will certainly not succeed with your HR planning.

HR Temperature Check

Before the planning starts, businesses should take the temperature of their current HR Resources. In a healthy and thriving organization, people understand their roles and have a clear understanding of the vision for the future. A “normal” business could have a plan, but it hasn’t been communicated to employees and skills development is limited. A business with Poor HR Health does not have a plan and struggles to scale and advance the business. If you are ready to improve your overall business wellness start by accessing future HR needs.

Identify the Space Between

Once current conditions have been analyzed and future needs have been defined the space in between is where the plan development starts. Potential gaps consist of skill development, policies, and procedures. Often during this stage, it’s wise to dig into resource allocations and additions.

HR Blueprint - Man pointing to different HR Functions

Developing an HR Blueprint

Next up, formulate the plan and fill in the gaps. Develop a list of all areas that will be addressed during the development of a Strategic HR plan. Sample areas to build could include training, staffing, compensation, performance management, assessments, skill development, employee engagement, and retention. You may also find it helpful to redefine responsibilities and roles.

Once this has been completed decide on the order of importance. Not all areas will carry the same weight or importance as the plan unfolds. When areas of focus have been prioritized it aids in clarity and execution.

From Plan to Action

The most important part of the Strategic HR Plan is the communication and implementation of the plan. This includes sharing the plan with senior leadership and those connected to HR matters in the organization. The clearer the vision, the more support that is gained from the team. When teams feel empowered and excited about the company’s vision, they are more likely to achieve company goals.

Routine Check-Ups

A strategic HR plan, when put together correctly, can change the trajectory of a business for the better. The time and attention that it takes to develop the plan is time well spent if and only people routine check-ups are scheduled. If the plan isn’t implemented or measured it could result in stunted growth or internal pushback.

Throughout the year regularly check in with the team measure success, make modifications and communicate key successes effectively.

Business Goals - Climbing Mountain to Success from Strategic HR Plan

Aligning Strategic HR Plan with Your Business Goals

The team at AlignHR takes their partners beyond compliance to deliver remarkable results. We provide and administer services that support the entire HR department, an individual HR person, or the non-HR practitioner who is performing the function. Developing a Strategic HR Plan is a calculated investment that could pay dividends if done correctly. If you’re ready to review People and Planning – the team at AlignHR is here to help Develop a Strategic HR plan to Achieve Desired Business Growth.


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