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3 Leadership Qualities Job Seekers Desire

Posted 04/15/22

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A requirement of job seekers today is working under great leadership that respects mental health and an appropriate work/life balance. Culture is crucial as overall happiness and well-being are top priorities in the modern day workplace.

Great culture starts with leadership. Company leaders set the tone for the workplace environment. Potential employees are seeking strong cultures that promote respect, open communication, collaboration, and recognize value in the individual.

As job seekers navigate the available opportunities, here are three leadership qualities they are looking for in a company leader.

1.   Treat employees as people, not workers

Management is the business of leading people. Connecting with your boss and being recognized for your work contributions is extremely valuable for an employee. A successful leader builds relationships with each employee and takes the time to get to know the person beyond the work performance.

Employees are humans who experience life beyond the job. Each person experiences their own life triumphs and stressors. Bosses who understand that and lead with grace and respect are more likely to connect with those under their leadership. They don’t use their title as a form of intimidation or as a way to belittle those under their management.

They lead with humility as at one point in their career, they have sat in the shoes of their employees.

2.   Respect their employees’ time and lives outside of work

Bosses who vocalize that they are cognizant of their employees’ time shows they respect the work being completed. They don’t waste time on long winded meetings and don’t require employees to participate in events that don’t contribute to the overall success of the team or individual.

They also recognize that their employees hold other titles outside of work. Whether that is mom, dad, caretaker, spouse to name a few examples, great bosses acknowledge work isn’t the only priority for most employees. They have families who need care for, and they also have social lives that are important to consider. A job is not a personality trait. It is a means to afford a lifestyle and provide for oneself or loved ones, but it doesn’t make up a person’s personality.

3.   Accountability is a responsibility for every team member

Great bosses are direct and thoughtful with their words. They expect a level of accountability across the board from all employees to set a standard that each person matters and contributes to the overall success of the business.

When people feel recognized and valued, their commitment increases and allows them to fully embrace their role on the team.

There is a strength in numbers and when each person accepts the responsibility to do their part to achieve the common goal, the brighter the future.

It’s natural for every person to want to be liked. In today’s job market, an employee is seeking the validation that he brings value to the work being done. A leader who treats employees as people and not as a means to an end goal are more likely to have lower turnover rates and higher potential for developing employees into future leaders.

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