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Level Up on Diversity In Your Workplace

Posted 10/01/2022

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We have heard it said that new experiences can have a remarkable impact on our brain.

Fresh thought processes can create new connections and pathways in our mind, and even strengthen the learning process. This can happen in the smallest or biggest of interactions: things as simple as trips to new towns, conversing with a different ethnicity, or listening to new genres of music… all of these can cause our intellect to stretch and grow.

How can we bring that same experience to our work place, and house an environment of unique scenarios and people?  The answer is: Diversity and Inclusion.


Diversity is a collaboration of original faces. Around the team table, ideas and perspectives are cast from an array of ages, genders, races, cultures, educational backgrounds and personal histories. These interactions are not only learning opportunities but also paths to connection. Bringing all of these characteristics together to benefit our work experience and our business growth can be a win/ win situation. 


Our job as business owners and leaders is to create Inclusion: a common space where all feel genuinely accepted. Veterans, single mothers, remote workers, those with various faiths or gender identification can have a sense of value and belonging while being their own unique selves. Our workplace is now a launching pad for new ideas and shared successes, and our offices are a welcome place to contribute your originality. 

Out of this wealth of knowledge and experience, we can form partnerships and become great problem solvers, better collaborators, and result in greater growth and profits…  and those benefits all. 

Now, let’s talk about tangible actions to foster Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity Training

Leaders and co-workers alike should participate in diversity training.  Explore ways to appreciate and value the differences each person adds to your team. Host social events or offer floating time off for an array of holidays that include Muslim, Jewish, and African American heritage.  


Communication platforms of company information, either from a web browser or phone, should be easily workable. Make sure your teams have access to tools and resources and even office news at any time. Communication is key.

Training Available to All

Opportunity for promotion and certification training is open for all to participate and benefit from as they meet their business goals. Diversity should be represented in all levels of the organization, from entry level to management, beyond and between.

Open Door Policy

An Open Door policy by our leadership is a way to discuss what is important to your workers. One-on-one conversations are a place to honestly voice concerns and openly sing praises, and can prove effective when measuring how your business is meeting the needs of your co-workers.

Increase Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

As we keep an open dialogue of how we can improve, let our goal be to invest in our team, to create a positive work environment where each has a voice and a place in our community. Let this be our shining reputation.

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