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Win Over Top Talent

Posted 10/10/2022

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Our world of business is ever changing. Successes and failures show us what works and what doesn’t. We find out what is a strong foundation that will stand the test of time and what needs tweaking. Sometimes we find that we need a clean slate and need to rebuild.  We learn as we go.

It is the same with our personal lives. We are evolving and changing, reaching to be our best. “This is the way we’ve always done it” is no longer an acceptable mantra for either business or life. 

Exploring ways we can improve and grow, not only as a company but as individuals, can be a catalyst for “change for the good”. 

Job seekers are searching for companies who hold this balance mindset and offer an array of benefits for not only their career, but for building a productive life. This recruitment package is certainly a lofty goal… but one that is imperative to become a magnet for the best talent.  

How is your company viewed from the outside looking in? What do prospective hires see as motivation to join the team? Here are some ideas to show what you have to offer.

Brand and Mission

Building your brand and mission statement can be a connection point for job seekers. Employees want to connect their work with the same values they hold in life, so expressing the vision of your company can make them feel a bigger part of it.

Position Points

Write a compelling job description that paints a picture of the job at hand. Outline expectations and the valuable skills you are seeking.  Education and job experience can be equal assets depending on level and position.  As for benefits, be sure to highlight flexibility and PTO along with 401K and health insurance. 

Work Culture

Current employee testimonials can give insight on how your company empowers workers to grow and succeed, and your commitment to the team. A sense of belonging and a positive work environment is a list topper for job seekers. Hearing from those who have a long standing position or have “climbed the ladder” will give a clear view into the true company hub.

Stepping Up

Advancement opportunities are one of the top assets you can offer new hires. Education and mentorships can lead the way for long-standing relationships. Also, give them a platform to use their skills in different ways, on diverse projects. 

Look Within

Have you considered that the best fit for the open position may be working for you right now?  New opportunities in house can be a strong growth avenue for your company and their career. 

The Perfect Fit

Meeting the needs and wants of a diverse workforce can be a challenge, and it may take some strategic thought and process.  But the end result, gaining a talented employee who is the perfect fit for your position, can be worth the effort. 

Build your brand, make connections, and match your vision with the people who will represent it best.

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