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Engage LinkedIn for Recruiting the Best New Hires

Posted 10/20/2022

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Since small businesses employ almost half of the workforce, it seems as if this would be an easy task to fill a job opening. But in today’s world, It may require more than just a “Help Wanted” ad.

You’ve crafted a spot-on narrative of the open position, figured salary and benefits, and even added some extra perks and initiatives for the new hire.

So how do you market this opportunity and attract the top talent to fill this spot?

Small Business - Big Advantage

Many job seekers want a company that not only fits with their skillset, but also their lifestyle. As a business, you are searching for the same thing. Showcasing the best of your business may be an advantage to attract the right person for your job opportunity.

Among the list of job boards, you may utilize to get the word out there, LinkedIn carries some impressive tools to help resource skilled talent for your team, build your brand, and even grow your connections. Let’s explore ways to use these for your search.

Ready, Set, Post

Make your Company Profile Shine

Review your current profile… Does it communicate your values as a company along with the services you provide? Job seekers may find connection here so make sure your profile is up to date with current happenings or changes that have happened within your business. Also, adding current employees to your company page can build a network with a broader audience.

Post Your Open Position

Along with your job description, look for active seeker keywords that can be spotted in a search. If you use keywords that are used in personal profiles, your posting is more apt to connect, and more candidates will view your posting. It may be helpful to use a common job title in your posting, and then focus on specific skills in the job description.

Showcase Successes

Having a professional presence on LinkedIn goes beyond the profile. Be an active part of your industry’s community by posting team successes, growth milestones or even a daily event insight to your social circle. Active job seekers, and those looking for a new career opportunity, will be drawn to a company that is growing and leading in their field.

Grow Your Network

Are there local or regional businesses to connect with or groups to join? Search out new businesses in your area to add to your social network. Staying in touch can be a positive engagement for not only job recruitment but also for building your presence within and beyond your industry.

Create a Buzz

While all of these tips are free to use, LinkedIn also offers some paid resources to boost your search. LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Lite can receive candidates based on your criteria for you to review and InMail, a messaging platform, may be used also to communicate on the LinkedIn platform.

As you grow your professional network, the buzzing platform of LinkedIn has much to offer. Be proactive in your presentation to fellow business owners as well as to those on the search for the start of a fulfilling career.

A steady mix of marketing, updating, and engaging your social circle is key to stand out and attract top talent for your growing company. 

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