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Open Position Filled Outside the Box

Posted 11/01/22

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While searching to fill an open role within your company, you envision the perfect candidate to join your team. A solid skillset, pleasantly personable, and a mature mindset are a few attributes on your checklist. Of course, the job seeker has an agenda also. Advancement, flexibility, and positive company culture as well as competitive salary are what they are researching in a new career move.

So, how do we display our best offer and where do we search to find a sure fit?

Job Boards and Beyond

Our ideas of job boards and help wanted ads may be a good start. These have always been advertising staples in the business world. A descriptive job post and list of requirements may bring in a few candidates, but venturing to new avenues of outreach may bring more.

Let’s explore some “out of the box” ways to search and attract some top talent to the team.

Stand Out on Social Media

Your company’s FB, IG, LinkedIn or other platforms can be an effective way to post and attract new hires. Mindful and current posting on social media will reflect your brand, your services, and your work environment.  A job ad here will reach your followers and potentially be shared for more exposure.

Share Your Opportunity

Networking with friends can boost outreach to a broader audience. Since they may already be familiar with your company, they could offer qualified leads. This can have the ripple effect. One friend shares to another, and that friend shares too. At this rate, you may receive an array of applicants as well as some possible new customers.

Partner with Schools

Consider undergraduate students from local colleges and trade schools for entry level and some targeted skill positions. Offering internships for recent graduates can provide essential work experience for them while you give thought to properly hire a permanent position.

Sign In to Associations

Many trade and professional associations can be an excellent source for networking and potential employees. Memberships to like-minded organizations in your industry provide newsletters and directories where you can search or attract some skilled job seekers.

Explore Freelancers

The change from the 9-5 desk position to home office is becoming a larger part of the work field. Some of these workers are looking for flexibility and creative positions, and can bring quality and skill to your team. Take a look at the freelance worker option to see if this may be a good fit.

Scale Up a Current Employee

Review the staff that has already proven to be a company asset to possibly fill a bigger role. Career advancement can be a large selling point in employee satisfaction and also retention. Some next level training with an already established co-worker can assure a positive move.

“Out of the Box” Strategy

As you prepare to try a new avenue for recruiting, assess the roles you are filling and which methods would find the best fit. A modern way of recruiting can bring fresh possibilities and advanced outreach for your company brand. One of these ideas may become your “go to” for finding top talent!

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