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Creating a Business Vision Statement

Posted 11/10/22

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Another business day has begun…

Attending meetings and joining zooms, crafting and returning emails, and reaching out to loyal and prospective customers are just a few boxes to check off your to-do list. Amid all the hustle, how often do you reflect on the greater vision your company has set out to accomplish? As you navigate the routine, how often do you ask yourself “Why?”

Communicate Your Vision

A Company Vision Statement is a concise word picture that encompasses just that, the purpose of your business… Your “Why.”  This statement can be used as a foundation to build upon. Realizing your vision and actively pursuing it can direct our decision making and workplace attitudes. This mindful mindset, remembering our “why,” can ignite us to move forward instead of staying at “status quo”, and even inspire new lofty goals as we do so. 

Explore Your Direction

Creating a Vision Statement is beneficial in so many ways. This short and specific communication tells why you exist and where you are heading. Describing a common goal brings unity and collaboration for work today and direction tomorrow. As you craft your statement, reflect on how your business can impact the community, the broader industry, and even the world, and what sets your company apart to bring a unique experience to the client.

Inspire and Relate

These two industry leaders share their vision statements:

LinkedIn: "Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce”

Microsoft: “To help people throughout the world realize their full potential”

Each statement tells why their business exists and what goal they want to achieve. These declarations are made to not only relate with the customer but to build connection and inspire purchases. 

Your vision statement should share what you offer and describe the outcome you envision. Here are a few steps to consider when crafting your vision statement:

  • Team up with stakeholders and employees to gain insight as to what to include in your statement. Sharing ideas and possible quotes will start the process of creation.
  • Use a present voice and be specific as to your common goal and future direction. Write to inspire and those who read it will want to know more about the company.
  • Add a relatable aspect to connect with clients and customers. This common thread may attract them to choose your brand.

Including your Vision Statement in printed materials for your business, as in brochures, fliers, or advertisements is another smart way to display your goals and purpose. This can showcase what sets your business apart from others in the industry. Clients and customers may find a common outlook for partnership.

Always Evolving

Communicating your intentions and future aspirations provides such value to your brand. Even though it is a few words, the message projected from your company can have a lasting impact. Just as your business is growing and evolving, so should the vision you present. Fashion a new statement when needed to encourage grander goals and future possibilities, and of course reflecting your “Why” as part of it all.

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