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Creative Management for Remote Teams

Posted 03/28/23

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Working in the office has proven to be an ever-changing landscape. A “new normal” holds a few modern ideas and platforms that we have embraced in what seems like a short period of time. One of these norms is Remote Work, which once seemed like an obscure idea, is now on the forefront of many leading industries and small businesses alike.

Teamwork Through New Doors

A positive change in mindset that believes valuable employees can work outside our office walls opens up many new doors. Successful collaboration and creativity can be fashioned by a team just as effectively in a zoom than across an office table. Working together in this forward thinking style can challenge some management tactics, so let’s look at some ways we can make this a sure win addition to our company.

Communication is Key

Communication is one of the most important keys to a rewarding work position, whether you are the boss or a new hire. Clear expectations of job performance and boundaries can be set early, and then revised as you go. Keeping a remote worker “in the loop” for projects and timelines can be assured with regularly scheduled meetings with their team and co-workers, to share ideas and connect on the work at hand.

This initial setup may take a bit of planning, but having them be a part of as much in-house communication as possible will be a big advantage in the long run. Some added project management can give a common outlook for teams to know what’s happening in the grand scope, with all members on board.

Productive Time

Remote working hours may be a set schedule or a flexible clock-in. Focus on the work that is completed as compared to the amount of hours spent at the desk. The remote situation may be a productive space with minimal interruptions, thus completing quality projects in less time.

Be clear on what should be accomplished during a time block, and then gauge how well the work schedule is serving both the company and the employee. Time tracking tools can be used if a time frame is needed for completion of a project.

A Team Player

Open communication through face to face zooms, instant message apps, and of course email, can be a sure way for the best inclusion. The connection of their work to the betterment of the team is still of great importance, and gives a sense of meaning to their time and effort to be a part of the company. Be sure to give appreciation for completed projects and recognize successes as part of the team, also.

You’re Invited

Of course, the invitation to an on-location event is of the utmost value. These meet-ups can strengthen relationships and foster team building in person, and that has a stronger personal dynamic than a zoom. Scheduling these on a regular basis can boost morale and give a more cohesive feel to be a true part of the company.

As we navigate the new territory of remote work, let’s create our own best practices and strive to not only add top talent to our teams, but also to keep connection to all employees at its best!

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