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Invest in Professional Development

Posted 02/04/23

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The desire to be our “best self” is a common thread in work and in life. Setting professional and personal goals, braving a new skill, or networking with friends are all steps to be a better version of ourselves today than the day before. The pursuit for progress is shared whether you are a company newbie, seasoned executive, or somewhere in between.

Zooming Toward Growth

As business leaders, our actions can be a model that can inspire others to follow. Being open to fresh ideas and adapting to change is key to a growing environment, and our footsteps should lead the way.

A few short years ago, many of us added Zoom meetings into our everyday life. This unique way of remote working or learning required adding a new skill, platform, and communication style from top executives to students and teachers. Now, it is a staple for connection and communication beyond our office walls.

“You cannot mandate productivity; you must provide the tools to let people become their best.” – Steve Jobs

Investing in the talent, skill, and progress of our employees is an ALL win. Training can fill a position, but overall professional development prepares for the future. Providing these opportunities can be a game changer for engagement, performance, and overall job satisfaction. So, let’s explore some ideas…

Developing the Professional

Our first path usually leans toward upgraded technical skills and added certifications. These benchmarks are valuable and greatly needed, and can allow workers to advance to a new position or salary scale.

Team working and interpersonal skills may be just as important for leaders and co-workers alike. A positive and supportive company culture can add value and fulfillment in the way employees work together. 

Investment Opportunities

Consider adding a mentorship program to pair department leaders with those who are developing their talent. This targeted direction within your company can be an effective avenue to share experiences and successes, and show your employees they are worth investing in and valued.

Hosting guest speakers or conferences through virtual events can bring the training in-house. Planning some lunch hour or one day sessions, for skill or relationship building, may be easier to fit into life schedules. Many well-known authors and industry leaders can be found to match your interests and goals. These meetings also give peers a chance to casually connect.

And to make progress accessible at any time, consider giving a stipend to cover online courses, local events, or career development books that will advance skills or gain personal growth. Find influential podcasts or social media sites to follow as a company as well.

The Best is Yet to Come

As we aspire to become our “best” let’s take advantage of various opportunities for education and communication. On the road to improvement, we can inspire each other to implement what we learn, and become a better version in our industry and in life. Let us forge the path together.

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