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Positively Working - Positive Work Culture

Posted 09/01/22

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“People rarely succeed unless they’re having fun in what they are doing” Is haled a famous quote by the well-known author and business motivator, Dale Carnegie.

What he says is definitely true.

We will give more time and attention to something that is enjoyable.

Our brain power and creativity flow with ease when our surroundings are peaceful, pleasant, and open to possibilities... Where the work doesn’t seem like “work.”

The benefits of a positive work environment can be a win/win for the employer and the employee alike.

People who feel supported and valued tend to be more loyal to their company and give their best efforts in their work.

Some studies have shown that a welcoming workplace can reduce long term sick leave and decrease employee turnover.

As a result, projects are handled with greater ease and inter-office relationships continue to grow, instead of starting back at square one. Ultimately, teams are more productive and innovative since they are familiar with the strengths and personalities of each member, and everyone feels a part of the success.

The outcome: better profits and revenue, happy employees and satisfied customers.

Sounds like a great scenario in the perfect workspace, doesn’t it? Let’s talk about how you can build more positivity in your own office community.

Take a Look Inward and Outward

Sharing the core values of your company can be a golden thread throughout your employees and work environment. These essential ideals should be reflected in not only your management and leadership, but also to each worker and client. Giving a greater sense of purpose and motivation in each employee makes the work more worthwhile, to know you are making an impact in your company and community.

Does the physical layout of the office reflect peace and positivity, or is it cold and cut off?

Make it a priority to create an inviting space, design functional work stations and small group rooms to brainstorm for the next big idea. The face of your building and offices can be the first welcome sign to your potential new hire or loyal customer.

A Healthy Body = A Healthy Mind

Motivation to be our best self is a popular mindset, and for good reason.

A healthy body and mind is key in order to be a leader, worker, and friend. When we take care of ourselves, positivity will be reflected in our work and personal endeavors.

Take a leading role in offering health initiatives, whether it be gym memberships, better health insurance, or EAP programs targeting mental health. Having these options available shows you care for the whole person and that they are valued beyond their scope of work.

Promote Diversity for Fresh Outlooks

Embracing differences can become one of your biggest strengths, not only professionally but personally.

The best way to incorporate better diversity, whether it be gender, race, sexual orientation, or education status, is to educate yourself. Be a leader and learn about different cultures, traditions, history, and understand more about their approaches to work.

A co-worker who has lived outside of your region, or internationally, can bring new perspectives and ideas through their life experience. An ever- expanding customer circle can also bring the opportunity to communicate across cultures, so let us be up for the challenge to grow our business beyond our original lines.

Opportunities for Career Development

Maintaining success can be attributed to this: top notch employees.

So why not foster the “best of the best” from inside your company?

Offering an array of learning opportunities for your team can be an effective attraction to job seekers as well as an encouraging initiative to stay with the company.

Mentorships, online course subscriptions, professional certifications, and even training for interpersonal skills can be a stepping stone not only gain new skill sets but also greater confidence among your co-workers. Be a leader who is actively learning and developing your business and yourself.

Work Culture is an energy that “rolls with the punches” or “cruises along a winding road”. It has to be flexible to serve our ever-changing working lifestyle, but also grow as your company expands and constantly connects to people. It serves the employee inside as well as the customer outside.

Make that energy one that is Positively Working!

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