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Streamline the Onboarding Process for New Hires

Posted 11/21/22

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Gaining a new employee can be an exciting time of growth and support for your business. Following the thoughtful and engaging hiring process, a smooth onboarding time can be a refreshing event.

This does take some time and effort, but a purposeful plan can work in your favor.  A well prepared employee will feel more invested in your company and may plan to stay longer. Those first few days and weeks can be a strong stepping stone to a new career path, for both of you.

Making a Positive Impression

Successful onboarding of the new hire can boost your chances of gaining a long term employee. Ensuring those first weeks of work within your business are positive and informative can prove to be a place where this colleague wants to create a career, not just earn a paycheck. Starting a new job, whether the employer or employee, is an open book journey. Be proactive with your system to make a favorable impression, and the hired will want to give their best foot forward.

The Office Experience

Once your choice has been made and contracts are signed, invite the new hire to visit the office for a few hours. Take this opportunity to finalize paperwork, set up their workspace equipment they may need, and create accounts and logins. This preparation will be gold during that first full week of work, knowing everything is set in place.

A personal tour and some welcome handshakes can definitely have a lasting effect to make the “official” first day more comfortable. Highlighting your company culture and day-to-day flow allows for more questions to be answered and a deeper insight into your workflow.

Training and Connection

As your new hire sets up their personal space, send a first day email to officially welcome them to the team. Share the company calendar, information about their position responsibilities, and also avenues of communication so they will feel immediately connected. You may also give  them initial training programs to begin along with the itinerary for the week, so that down time can also be productive.

Assign a few co-workers to be the “go to” for answering questions and giving direction. Building pleasant interoffice communication and relationships early can provide opportunities for future team building and partnerships, and of course adds to an enjoyable work environment.

An invitation to a casual lunch and adding an “end of the day” check in can give additional time for feedback. Offer this a few times during the next few weeks to keep the communication lines open, to give direction, and of course encouragement for a “new” job well done.

You’re Off to a Great Start

Assuring a purposeful and informative onboarding process for new employees can prove to be a positive experience for both you and the new hire. Plan ahead with a team strategy to not only welcome them to your team but also educate them about their new position, and ways you may both succeed. Working together can build a fulfilling career and growing business.

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