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HR Outsourcing Company

Outsourcing the HR functions of your company is an important decision. Many small business owners and growing corporations find difficulties in maintaining compliance, payroll, and employee administration. HR outsourcing companies like AlignHR can help streamline significant HR activities, allowing for management to save time and money.

Why Do Companies Outsource Human Resources?

Our job at AlignHR is to take you beyond compliance - and that means saving you time and helping you avoid potential risks. Human Resources managers plan, coordinate, and oversee many of the administrative functions of a company. Often HR professionals will work with the company's top executives and serve as a direct link between employees and management. The HR department is often in charge of recruiting, interviewing, and staffing.

You can see how Human Resource practitioners juggle many responsibilities. Many of these roles have a significant impact on the success of your entire organization.

Many companies have realized that outsourcing HR functions to a dedicated team provide for a better experience and a more productive workplace.

AlignHR works as an extension of your company, customizing an HR solution that fits your exact need. Every business is unique. We make the time to understand your needs and provide you the support and assistance to help you create a more efficient human resource department.

Making the Decision to Outsource Human Resources

Many business owners get to a point where they are tired of being technicians and they hire a professional to handle aspects of their business. In many cases, HR is a job that most business owners and executives would rather not deal with.

HR compliance is important to all businesses - large and small. As your company grows, the applicable laws and regulations that your company must follow tend to become more advanced and intimidating. Employers must follow federal, state, and local regulations. Not knowing or understanding compliance obligations is not an acceptable defense and could cause lawsuits or fines that can permanently damage your organization.

You have two choices:

  1. Send the time, money, and energy to keep up to date with local, state, and federal regulations - and create process and procedures to ensure they are followed.
  2. Work with a third-party team of dedicated HR professionals and outsource the HR function

At AlignHR, we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business. We work alongside your management, HR team, and employees. We can create the plan, process, and training necessary to ensure you avoid any potential legal troubles.

Our job is HR. We follow local, state, federal, and international guidelines. We focus on being the experts so you have a trusted advisor for any HR problem that would arise. Having AlignHR on your team helps protect you and your company.

Advantages of Outsourcing HR Functions

Outsourcing your HR functions is not a universal decision. There are companies that see a tremendous positive impact from outsourcing HR, while other companies are not quite ready or the right fit. There are several advantages that most companies find when outsourcing HR services:

Dedicated HR Department for Small Business

Small businesses need to have an agile approach when it comes to HR services. In most circumstances, smaller companies don't have the overhead or need to have large HR departments. Normally you will find one manager in charge of hiring, training, payroll, and staffing. This same individual is working with employees for benefits, compensation, leaves, and employee relations.

Instead of hiring several employees to work in your HR department, outsourcing the responsibilities to a team of dedicated HR practitioners can make the most sense. Small business owners benefit by having a professional ready to answer any question that may come up regarding policies and regulations.

Improve Efficiency, Training, and Development

AlignHR provides support for more than just compliance. We work with organizations on creating successful handbooks, training modules, and ongoing employee engagement tactics. We work with small and large organizations and help uncover your core values. Together we create programs that motivate your workforce, promote and reward positive behavior, and coach for continual improvement.

Working with HR specialists gives you an advantage. AlignHR understands employee motivations, company culture, and what a successful business plan for growth looks like. After we talk with you, we can create a customized plan for your business.

Improved Focus on Business Activities

Once you free up time, you can dedicate your energy to your most important business activities. Many organizations that benefit from working HR outsourcing firms find increased productivity. Managers and executives can focus on future strategy and execution, knowing that the HR functions and compliance will be covered.

Competitive Advantage

Having a solid strategy and having a team of professionals can help separate you from your competitors. AlignHR has had many years of success in the human resource industry. We've partnered with successful organizations, helping create structures and plans that elevate their companies to the next level. Our expert advice has helped owners and executives avoid business risks and helped make calculated business decisions that lead to growth.

As a business owner, you want to surround yourself with experts and specialists. Having a dedicated HR team full of both will help you beat your competition.

How to Outsource Human Resources

Once you've determined that outsourcing your HR functions is your best path to success, we work with you to make this process seamless and effective. AlignHR was founded on the desire to take Human Resources to a new level. We believe that managed HR Services enable us to provide our clients with more than traditional HR practices can offer.

At AlignHR, we leverage the following workflow process to ensure that our clients' needs are fully met when it comes to our human resource services.

  • Assess - We will review your current state of HR
  • Adapt - We identify improvement areas and develop an "HR Game Plan"
  • Align - We move to configure tactics critical for success to align with your business objectives
  • Act - We will execute, manage, and administer appropriate HR functions
  • Analyze - We analyze results through metrics that we develop to produce remarkable results

Having a plan is necessary for outsourcing your HR functions. We create a customized plan for your organization but have already perfected the framework to make your solution seamless and effective.

Should You Outsource your HR Functions?

There are several questions you should ask to determine if you should talk to one of our HR specialists:

  • Are you compliant? Do you follow and know all of your local, state, and federal regulations?
  • What causes you stress? Is it HR responsibilities?
  • How much are you paying to maintain HR functions? Do you need to hire more staff to maintain quality?
  • Do you have HR experts on your team?

These are some questions that we've found helpful when talking with clients. We've also developed a system that will give you a free HR Assessment score

See if you could benefit from our HR services by taking the test today.

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