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Small Business HR Solutions

Small businesses create meaningful jobs, provide local options, and help keep money within the community. Small business owners come from all walks of life, creating new and original business ideas or carry on with family traditions. Small business industries might be diverse, they all can relate to the burden of dealing with HR functions.

Who is considered a Small Business?

Small businesses are often classified as corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships that are privately owned. Most small businesses can be as small as one individual and as large as 500 employees. The number of employees is one way to classify organizations as small businesses, but you can also use average annual receipts, sales, and other revenue metrics.

HR Struggles of Small Businesses

Each industry, owner, and partnership may have its own individual struggles – but there are some common difficulties most small businesses deal with during their development.

During the early stages, business owners might worry about cash flow and when you might land your next client/customer. As the business evolves, common questions about marketing, hiring, and processes might arise. Whether you are growing or looking to maintain, HR questions always come to the surface.

Common HR concerns for small businesses:

  • Undeveloped Hiring Process
  • Lack of Employee Monitoring
  • Misclassified Employees
  • Inadequate Employee Training
  • Outdated Handbook and Job Descriptions
  • Poor Incentive Structures

Sometimes these problems are easy for owners and managers to identify. The difficulty comes with creating an effective plan to remedy these HR concerns.

Small Business HR Options

If you are able to identify problems with your company’s compliance, structure, and lack of strategy, you need to look for a possible solution. After some research, you typically land on two options:

In-House or Outsourcing HR

Both options can be winning solutions for some companies, but not all.

In-House HR

Having a dedicated HR professional or an entire team can come down to your organization’s size. If you are a small business on the higher end of the scale (upwards of 500 employees), you can afford to add an additional headcount for HR professionals. These positions require competitive salaries to ensure you get specialists and experts on your team.

Having a large employee base also ensures that your HR professional will have enough job responsibilities to keep them busy during their workweek. Many of the administrative tasks increase as the size of the company increases.

If you choose to have an internal HR department, this also gives you great control over HR functions and employees. You can talk directly with your HR professionals, enforcing the company culture, training, and incentive programs.

Outsourced HR

Many companies that sample in-house HR might find their dedicated person juggling too many responsibilities. Many HR professionals handle the training, recruiting, staffing, compliance, payroll, benefits, and employee engagement. These responsibilities can easily become more than a full-time job – not to mention staying up to date with the most recent legal regulations.

Outsourcing HR functions can be a cost-effective way to keep an expert on the team without sacrificing the time and energy of one of your internal employees.

Outsourced HR consultants like AlignHR provide and administer services that support an entire HR department, individual HR professional, or non-HR professional. We can serve as an HR department or take on the role of a trusted advisor or HR Business Partner with business owners, CEO’s, CFO’s, Controllers, Office Managers, Payroll Administrators, and/or other team members designated and responsible for the HR function.

This becomes a cost-effective way to continue to grow and safeguard your business from potential HR risks, while also maintaining control through effective partnerships.

Small Business HR Services

Since each industry and business require different levels of service, AlignHR has adopted a flexible and fully customized process for each individual small business we work with. Our framework remains consistent, making sure to align our strategies and techniques with the goals and needs of our clients.

AlignHR Small Business Process

  • Assess – We will review your current state of HR.
  • Adapt – We identify improvement areas and develop an “HR Game Plan”.
  • Align – We move to configure tactics critical for success to align with your business objectives.
  • Act – We will execute, manage, and administer appropriate HR functions.
  • Analyze – We analyze results through metrics that we develop to produce remarkable results.

AlignHR Services for Small Businesses

AlignHR has your human resources needs covered. Our purpose is to help organizations by making HR manageable, by providing solutions in compliance, structure/process, technology, and strategy throughout the employment lie cycle.  Our HR support and solutions align with our clients’ strategic goals and objectives. 

  • Talent Planning
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Compliance, Risk Management & Audits
  • Performance Management
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Relations, Discipline and Termination
  • Engagement and Culture
  • Assessments
  • Background and Pre-Employment Screenings

Customized Small Business HR Solutions

We make sure we understand your business and assess your current state of HR before offering solutions. We talk to your management, employees, and HR representatives. AlignHR works to be an extension of your company, understanding the struggles and internal concerns. Once we fully diagnose, we can give an objective strategy and process to move you beyond compliance.

Self-Help Portal

Our Self-Help Portal gives you access to an online HR resource treasure trove. The portal empowers you with the tools needed to complement your existing HR department.

Fixed Price Project Work

Our vast experience enables us to excel at fulfilling fixed price project work within a determined deadline. This is a great way to showcase our ability to deliver quality HR services within your budget.


We can help administer HR services in many ways. Often businesses need advice, project work, or assistance administering aspects of their HR with no standing commitment of hours. AlignHR can provide consultative services as needed. 

HR Flex Solution

We believe in flexibility because everyone has unique needs and circumstances. Our HR Flex Solution combines standing access to resources, fixed project work, and ongoing support to co-manage your HR needs.

Managed HR Services

Our managed HR services are what makes AlignHR stand out. We have the expertise and staff to fully manage your complete HR needs typically within 1% of your annual gross revenue. This is about taking you beyond compliance and growing your business intelligently and comprehensively.

EngageMe Suite

The engagement of your team is more important than ever. AlignHR provides an affordable software for small business owners that help understand the current engagement level of their management and team – and most importantly, gives the help and support to increase levels of engagement.

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Software

AlignHR helps integrate HR activities and information technology. Small businesses that need assistance with payroll, accounting, and human resources can benefit from our HRIS. Life becomes a bit easier for organizing employee information and managing requests with AlignHR.

Working with AlignHR

At AlignHR, we do more than make you compliant, we deliver peace of mind. Our small business clients know their businesses are protected and their greatest assets are being managed properly. Human resources is our specialty.

We primarily help organizations with 125 employees or less who either have no dedicated or trained HR professional or if the HR function and responsibilities are split between many team members (CFO, Controller, Owners, President, Executive Assistants, Payroll Clerks, etc.).

We also serve organizations that have dedicated HR team members but are unable to manage or complete all HR projects or other work.    

We fill the HR gap and support the HR and business needs of organizations we serve.  

Are you compliant?

Achieving and maintaining compliance takes professional insight and hard work. At AlignHR, we have expertise in all aspects of human resources and ensure that our clients go beyond compliance. The first step toward compliance is knowing where you stand. AlignHR can teach you.

What causes your stress?

Business is tough enough without having to worry about handling human resources on your own. Our company can align with you in whatever ways make sense. Regardless of the level of engagement, you are in good hands with AlignHR and can get back to focusing on your business.

Our Approach is your success

AlignHR was founded on the desire to take human resources to a new level. And after many years of success in the human resources industry, we believe that managed HR services enable us to provide our clients with more than traditional HR practices can offer.

Experience what AlignHR can do for you.

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