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HR Select Bankers' Network Program

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Service Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4

Scheduled, facilitated networking with our network of community bank HR personnel who share resources and relevant information in a supportive and easy manner.[i]

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Unlimited phone calls and emails to our HR resource partner.

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Access to AHR’s Select Bankers Portal that includes resources with easy access to hard-to-find information.

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AHR Special Alerts keeping you advised of important changes in laws, and regulations, as well as a monthly newsletter.

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Around the clock access to easy-to-navigate interactive HR tools, such as a job description developer, handbook builder, salary data, and total compensation statements.

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A designated HR professional assigned to respond to your inquiriesii.


2 per year

4 per year

24 per year

Prescheduled meetings with one of AHR’s seasoned HR pro’s to discuss your needs.


2 per year

4 per year

12 per year

Employment and Talent Development Tests from our already vetted testing service for applicants and employees.



5 tests at 10% discount

10 tests at 25% discount

10 tests at 50% discount

Two Surveys in which ten or more banks agree to participate. Details

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Two one-hour coaching sessions to discuss your Bank’s manpower plan and your professional goals. Includes tools to help!

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Special FMLA Assistance Details

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Affirmative Action Plan Analysis Details

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Add-ons for any tier: 

Share-A-Concern, HR Audits, Specialized Coaching, Compensation Study, Administrative Service Offering (ASO)

Product Details

Employment and Talent Development Tests

Employment and Talent Development Tests from our already vetted, testing service for applicants and employees. We get raves from our clients who use these tests. You provide the name and email address of who you want to take the test and who should get the results. We do all the rest – we procure it, administer it, get the results, and help with the analysis. Some of our most requested tests have been:

  • Management Development Questionnaire (MDQ):
  • Sales Achievement Predictor , Sales Potential Inventory, Professional Sales Profile:
  • Employee Screening Questionnaire:
  • Teller Work Style

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Two surveys in which ten or more banks agree to participate. For example, the number of vacation days offered among participating banks, the number of participants using PTO, how many participants put a COVID-91 Vaccination Policy in place, percentage of participants using credit checks and/or drug screens.

To comply with guidance from the Department of Justice regarding conducting surveys, we . . .

  • act as a neutral third party managing the exchange of information.
  • ensure the information is aggregated to protect the identity of the underlying sources
  • only conduct surveys where enough sources are aggregated to prevent competitors from linking particular data to an individual source (no less than 5 sources of data points)

Special FMLA Assistance – we provide you with updated forms and regulations, as well as advice on sticky situations.

Affirmative Action Plan Analysis – provide us a dataset (includes list of employees, hires, terminations, promotions, and applicants) and we’ll generate around 21 reports needed to accompany your affirmative action program, including identifying areas requiring Action Oriented Programs.

Products That May be Added to any Tier

Share a Concern Service – (Included in Tier 4) this service gives employees an outlet for voicing concerns that may be observed in the workplace through the use of an independent third party. Based on the number of employees, the monthly fee is from $50 to $175 plus a one-time setup fee (also included with Tier 4).

HR Audit – AHR has developed a proprietary HR Audit Tool, an audit system that grades the risk levels of each of our 14 audit categories. Our automated audit tool includes over 160 questions organized among the 14 categories:

Coaching for special situations - Our fee for this service is generally $165 and hour and will be only $120 an hour for Tier 4 clients We’ve had great success with our coaching services and can provide references.

Compensation Study: We will provide market data for 5 positions that utilizes HR 360 data and two other special resources we subscribe to. Fee $750.

i Everyone in the group understands the anti-trust regulations and we abide by them carefully.
ii Research for more complicated issues requiring more than 15 minutes will be conducted at a substantially discounted rate – preapproved by you.